Search Engine Optimization

If you're scratching your head, click here to find out what search engine optimization is according to Wikipedia. You can also read Tyler Collins' 2014 article in Huffington Post, which explains that SEO is an ongoing process.

Simplified, search engine optimization (SEO) is a process used to achieve high ranking for best placement in search engine results. This is good because search engine results are, essentially, free advertising. Other benefits of SEO include:

  • Credibility

    Your business will be more credible if it is ranked high on search engines and associated with a professional website. This entices people to click the link, which gives your increased exposure.

  • Increased Exposure

    A recent study by Chitika online ad network found that the number one spot gets 33% of traffic, compared to 18% for the second position. Click here to read Jessica Lee's article on this in Increased exposure leads to brand awareness.

  • Brand Awareness

    Few people need to look online to find out WHAT a trendy place to get coffee for around five bucks is. They may go online to find out WHERE it is, but they are very much aware of the brand they are looking for. Even if the online surfer is just browsing, seeing your company name and image over and over makes them aware of your presence.

SEO using local listings is a great choice for businesses and organizations that are planning to stick around for awhile. For temporary events and ventures, advertising using pay per click advertising may be a better opportunity. Many factors affect SEO and the algorithms to determine page rank are constantly evolving. For example, Google recently included SSL as a component of SEO and continues to boost placement for sites with responsive web design.

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