Pay Per Click Advertising

While costly, Pay Per Click Advertising offers a significant value because the results are targeted to potential customers.

For example, we could pay to print postcards and send them to every business in the area. Most would go in the trash. We could spend time researching companies that don't have a website and send letters to these potential customers. Again, though, many would end up in the round file. We would also be missing out on potential customers with websites that seek modification. In the end, we're stuck with expenses for the letters, postage, and labor associated with the research or purchase of mailing lists- regardless of results.

With pay per click advertising, we only pay when a customer is searching for our specific services. Here are some tips from Google Adwords on writing great ads:

When you elect to use pay per click advertising, we will be evaluating the performance of various ad groups, settings, individual ads, keywords, and audiences to compare the average cost per click against click through rate, conversions, and other analytics.

Cost of Pay Per Click Advertising

Since the pay per click advertising process is dynamic, we cannot provide you an exact rate without a market analysis. In less competitive markets, the cost per click can, literally, be pennies. In rare instances, the cost per click may be $20 or more.

Ads can be performance based, budget based, or a combination of the two. While we will establish a maximum monthly budget, the amount spent per click will vary according to the products and services you offer and what region and demographics you wish to target.

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