Web Hosting Defined

Nicholas Favazzo Digital Media & Marketing provides small businesses with a variety of options for web hosting.

Once you have a website, you will need a server to host it on. This is where your files are stored so that others can access them by entering the appropriate uniform resource locator (url). A web hosting service provides this space to store your files.

Cape Coral & Fort Myers Web Hosting Options

Web hosting is not something that needs to be local. We recommend the use of one of the following established companies since they are reliable and affordable. You can check reviews on these and other hosting providers at the webhostingsreview.com. Our experiences with several hosting providers are documented below.

Web Hosting with cPanel - only $1 / month from GoDaddy

If you want awesome customer service for a project you're trying on your own, call GoDaddy. Using the control panel (cPanel) you have easy access to features that make hosting your website easy. Through October 4th, you can get Web Hosting with cPanel - only $1 / month from GoDaddy. This is an introductory rate that we are extending to you, so please like and share this deal after signing up.

Web hosting

If you're looking free web hosting for your southwest Florida business, there is a solution. Seriously, free hosting with 000 WebHost. It is true that you get what you pay for. There are ads and it's not great for SEO, but this may be an effective solution for establishing a basic web presence on a very limited budget.

If you haven't signed up with a hosting company yet, our recommendation is Arvixe.

Whether you need Business Web Hosting or just personal Linux Web Hosting, Arvixe provides a variety of hosting options depending upon your specific needs. I appreciate that Arvixe offers more in their control panel, has very limited downtime, and provides top notch communication and customer service. Clients have been very pleased with Arvixe Web Hosting services. Plus, it's only a few bucks more per month!

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