Email Integration & Forwarding

Pew research from 2014 reveals that 52% of Americans use cellular phones to send Email

Keeping in touch with clients, potential customers, employment candidates, and others is important to remain competitive in the information age. Individuals have come to expect a near-instantaneous response to questions and feedback on comments is also valued. Depending upon the hosting solution you utilize, different options are available.

  • Masked Forwarding.

    This is a good solution for small businesses that don't mind replying from a personal Email address, but want a company Email address using their domain name. Almost every host offers a method for Email forwarding.

  • Dedicated Email.

    For more professional businesses, various Email addresses can be created, associated with specific individuals, and password protected.

  • POP3/ IMAP Forwarding.

    Both masked and dedicated Email addresses can be forwarded to mobile devices using the post office protocol (POP) or internet message access protocol (IMAP). To learn more about this, see the below video.

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